Web Design



Simple, Modern, Elegant

BCI’s Art and Web Design team are happy to present a new program for any consumer. Starting this year, BCI is now personally developing new websites for consumers. These websites are highly customizable and simple enough to edit after initial creation that maintenance is no longer a job left for a dedicated Web Designer. All of our websites are customizable using a theme-based WordPress system that allows seamless integration with 100’s of add-ons and widgets. For an example of the UI, and the sheer vastness of possibilities look no further. Our company’s website was created using the same system we use for consumers.


For more information, contact us via email at info@bcicomputers.net

Add-ons for Infinite Possibilities

Our design templates are made to integrate with hundreds of add-ons and widgets. These add-ons can completely alter the site’s function, look, and feel. Whether you want to drive sales through your website or create an online classroom, our plugins have you covered. Examples of our most popular add-ons include:


• eCommerce

Streamline your sales with an online shop package ready-to-go. Bundle with countless payment methods and currencies, customize shipping systems to cater elements such as distribution logistics and rates of shipping. Behind the scenes, review automatically generated reports on sales, reviews, performance, stock levels, and more. In addition, the marketing system available through eCommerce allows for coupon campaigns, user/product restrictions, newsletter and email contact throughout the sales process.


• eClassroom

With our eClassroom addon, running a virtual classroom/training program has never been simpler. The education addon integrates with our themes and allows for quick, stress-free editing. Create lessons, question banks and tests on whatever subjects you wish; all courses are analyzed and reports on completion, trouble-spots, and more are read to review. Finally, award students who successfully completed their courses with certificates.