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Training is quintessential for a staff to be as efficient and productive as possible. With the world of technology and security constantly changing this equates to a constant need to train. To assist in this process and to provide the highest quality service, BCI is happy to announce its complete line of training programs for HIPAA Compliance, Office 365, and Google Apps for Business. The training courses are available on demand from our store and live as requested. All are developed and performed by our trained professionals. With varying levels of difficulty, the programs can be completed by any person of any skill level.



By law, any person/business that is to be compliant with HIPAA must complete comprehensive of the staff on a regular basis. For the must secure office, BCI recommends annual training of all staff on HIPAA. This training session is approx. 3-4 hours and must cover all aspects of HIPAA; policies, practices, physical and technical security applications, verbal communication, disaster recovery and more. This process can take an extraordinarily long time and puts a significant amount of work on your staff and your privacy officers. Our training programs are available both live and on demand to allow for the most convenient training process. The courses are separated into varying levels based on the persons taking the course and are given alongside quizzes for each section. At completion, certificates are available showing your completion of the training course for the year. The current training courses for HIPAA are:

HIPAA Training for Staff
HIPAA Training for Professionals
HIPAA Training for Compliance Officers

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Office 365 Training

With cloud-based solutions become ever more evident in the market, Microsoft’s Office 365 package is an affordable solution to keeping your business compliant, safe, and accessible 24/7. Office 365 is a subscription based service that gives you 5 copies of Microsoft Office 2013 for each license. Along with Office, each license comes with a multitude of services that range from SharePoint to OneDrive and Outlook Online. Each of these programs can drastically improve productivity for your business but like any change, training is required. As such, BCI has a three-level training program available for Office 365 both live and on-demand. The training programs serve to assists your business in learning how to use each of these programs to their full potential. Our current training courses are:

Office 365 Basic
Office 365 Professional
Office 365 Administrative Staff

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