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Tech Advantage

BCI Tech Advantage is an exciting IT program that leverages our expert staff to perform a variety of desktop and server projects.

With Tech Advantage, you can expand the scope of services and volume of projects delivered to your clients. There are more than 85 low-cost server and desktop projects to choose from — all work is performed around the clock, even while you sleep!
For example, your next Active Directory or Exchange server migration can be performed in the middle of the night and be ready first thing in the morning when you get to the office.

Tech Advantage helps you scale your business and increase your profitability by letting you take advantage of hours project work on-demand


Hardware and Software Repair and Installation

Never losing sight of BCI’s original function, we offer Hardware and Software Repairs and Installations. Our expert staff has spent decades repairing computers and other hardware. In addition, our staff will personally handle the installation of any software; eliminating your troubles and saving you time! Prices are extremely competitive and discounts are available for groups and associations as well as bulk repairs/installation. Contact BCI directly at 401-828-5200 to schedule a hardware or software installation/repair today!

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