Executive Team

Raymond Calore



Founding BCI Computers in 1982, Raymond sought to create a business constantly innovating, persistently seeking new avenues for services, and continuously providing a level of curtesy and amiability that is easily lost in large businesses. An industry leader, he worked with Lotus and AT&T and swiftly became one of the largest computer businesses in the northeast region. Heavily involved with the national ASCII group and several advisory boards, he has provided critical advice to industry leaders for decades. As technology advanced, so did Raymond and his business. Hiring innovative thinkers, he has driven to provide the services that are most needed and often overlooked. This has evolved from hand-built machines to managed services and now to compliant products and support. The healthcare industry was a mammoth that Raymond tackled head-on, breaking through the surface with an unavoidable presence. Since then, he has continued to innovate; the HIPAA-compliant product line being only one of these innovations. Today, he continues to bring the same level of quality and service that he began with over thirty years ago.


Andrew R. Calore

Vice President of Sales

401-828-5200 x701


Beginning almost a decade ago, Andrew has extensive experience in sales, marketing, and directing. Working as a marketing director, he successfully developed plans and campaigns for competitive racing teams. Using this as a springboard, he quickly showed his expertise and talent in product sales at BCI. Ascending from an associate to a team director, he further expanded his skill set into the realm of training and led a team of sales professionals for several years. Under Andrew’s leadership, performance skyrocketed. During the transition to the healthcare industry, he was consistent in his efforts and is responsible for BCI’s large presence in the industry soon thereafter. His education includes not only sales training but also technical training in Cisco Networking, Dell Firewalls and Security, HIPAA Compliance, Managed Services and more. Understanding the constant need for advancement, he has consistently updated BCI’s marketing programs and been a powerful voice in the direction of the company in recent years. Looking towards the next generation of products and services, he is driven to lead BCI Computers and solidify its presence in both the computer and healthcare industry indefinitely.


Jameson McKay

Vice President of Training

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As a teacher’s assistant, Jameson was adamant in the education and training of today’s youth. During this time, he began working part time at BCI Computers under the instruction of leading healthcare officials. With a concentration in training, he quickly focused on healthcare law and regulation; including HIPAA and the HITECH Act. As BCI Computers began its transition to the healthcare industry, Jameson was a key figure in the research and development of training programs and HIPAA-specific documentation. Leading BCI’s compliance team, he developed the HIPAA Staff and Professional training courses before being reviewed by doctors, physicians and other health care professionals. Later, he worked with these professionals to create the HIPAA Compliance Officer course; BCI’s most comprehensive HIPAA training course to date. Today, he continues his pursuit of education in the development and release of both the Office 365 and PCI Compliance training courses.

Brenden Smerbeck

Vice President of Technological Services

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Having studied at the University of Rhode Island for Computer Engineering, French and Applied Mathematics, Brenden was eager to begin work at BCI Computers. Using his knowledge of programming, operating systems, hardware development and more, he was a vital resource and a figurehead in the technical support department of BCI. After working for nearly 3 years as a technical support agent and later as a manager of technical support, he was then promoted to the Vice President of Technical Services. In this role, he led development of internal technical training programs to keep staff at the cutting-edge of product service development and support. During the healthcare transition, he worked with Jameson McKay to create in-depth and comprehensive training courses. In addition, he worked with BCI staff to create a new line of HIPAA-compliant products and services available to the public today. Persistent in keeping up-to-date, he continues his research to keep BCI Computers on the forefront of technology and support.


Chris Dutra

Marketing Director


With over 20 years’ experience in Senior Management roles within Fortune 500 companies, Chris has held positions of increasing responsibilities throughout his career. He has led teams on acquisition and due diligence projects and led multiple global acquisitions from inception to deal closure. In various leadership roles within Sales and Consumer Marketing he oversaw almost $600M in revenue and over 200 Sales, Marketing and functional support professionals under his guidance . His specialties include: Sales, Consumer Marketing, Product Development, Acquisition and Divestiture due diligence, building strong teams and leaders.


Frank W. Smith

Webmaster and Developer



Working at BCI Computers for nearly a decade, Frank has shown expertise across multiple areas. With exceptional knowledge in web design, he worked to design and program the BCI webpage as well as led the web development team. Further expanding his knowledge in graphic design, he shows exceptional skill in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. His work also includes social media research and development; maintaining a constant presence across the internet. In addition, he leads the SEO optimization team and constantly researches the newest and most effective SEO tools and methods.


Network Operations Center

Mumbai, India
Times Square
Unit 1 & 2, 8th Floor, B-Wing
Andheri East
Mumbai 400059


BCI’s world-class Network Operations Center (NOC) provides unmatched technical support and expertise, 24x7x365. By absorbing up to 90% of routine tickets, the NOC takes the pressure off of a business, freeing the business owner from costly labor and technology infrastructure investments – and allowing the most skilled employees to focus on revenue-producing projects.

BCI’s 480+ NOC technicians carefully monitor every netflow, hop, server and endpoint attached to the network. They’re constantly on the lookout for any anomalies in infrastructure health, security, and capacity, and they work tirelessly to provide the business with optimal network performance.


Endorsements and Reviewers


Cherie C. Binns

With over 15 years experience in the medical field, Cherie is an invaluable resource for the BCI team. Having achieved almost a dozen different certifications, we were more than eager to have Cherie personally review and endorse our HIPAA training courses. Her work includes medical auditing, Independent Clinical Systems Consultations and facilitating numerous equipment upgrades, nursing in over 6 locations and holding managerial positions for over 10 years. With outstanding experience in the medical-industry, she is highly aware of the current state of HIPAA compliance and the overwhelming necessity of training.