Our Company

Since 1982, BCI Computers has provided enterprise-level products and services for the small to medium business market. At its beginning, BCI Computers built and sold their own systems: running CP/M (Control Program for Microcomputers) and later running MS-DOS. These systems were affordable and technical powerhouses of their generation. Work at this time included partnerships with IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, and many other tech giants. In addition, BCI computers was one of the top resellers of AT&T and Lotus software and systems. Raymond Calore, President of BCI Computers, used work he completed for the United States Navy DEFCON system and other jobs to create an efficient, powerful computer company.
Now, BCI computers has continues to adapt to the ever-changing market. Advancing from MS-DOS, BCI computer technicians have specialized in all Windows Operating system up to the newest Windows 8 systems. From early Macintosh systems to Microsoft Surface Tablets, BCI has never ceased to be the first to adapt to new systems. Our current services span across multiple version of Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS.
As a Managed Services company, BCI computers has worked with a variety of business. Of these, some include National Bank Firms, Publishing Companies, Medical Offices and numerous local businesses. Managed Services span from product sales and maintenance to full IT services: managing the computer network and systems, preforming tests and maintenance and actively fixing system issues 24/7/365 and this work has been of the highest quality managed services.
Managed service work for BCI computers has expanded to include special HIPAA HITECH compliance orientated service. The inclusion of HIPAA HITECH compliance seemed a perfect fit for our specific skillset and managed service outlook. BCI’s staff has contributed thousands of hours into the research and development of our HIPAA HITECH compliant services and products. Now, as the Omnibus Rule passes and the regulation continues to solidify, we have happily announced our line of HIPAA HITECH compliant machines and our new compliance packages for any size business. The BCI team is trained in the same auditing strategies being used by the Department of Health and Human Services and as a company, can provide the solutions and tools to avoid hefty fines.
Further accomplishments of BCI Computers includes EPA awards for green systems, Premier Partnerships with Dell Computer Systems, partnerships with Microsoft and Google, and numerous inclusions in popular magazines and newspapers. As of today, BCI computers is one of the only Rhode Island companies to provide such a large variety of compliance services and managed services to the surrounding area.