Who Is BCI

  • Founded 1982
  • A leading Managed Service Provider of networks, applications, and services, with expertise in  networking, both wired and wireless, servers, workstations, and internet security
  • In house and Web Based HIPAA Compliance training for the healthcare markets
  • Developed up to date Web based training for HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)

Why We Train?


Current Situation

  • Law (In § 164.518(b)  Requires anyone who touches medical files to become HIPAA compliant
  • Law continually changes which requires annual training and the reach of people who need to be compliant.
  • Laws are fairly ambiguous
  • Lack of training and standardization within the medical records handling field
  • Current HIPPA Training lacks  an all encompassing compliance training for staff, professional, & Compliance Officer as mandated BCI offers full package of modules for all record handlers to become compliant as well as certifications for all those trained.
  • Litigation is on the increase as awareness has increased
  • *1.5 Million dollar fine Mass Eye & Ear The laptop contained  ePHI – including patient prescriptions and clinical information – of some 3,621 individuals. 
  • **University of Pittsburgh cites 62,000 Records at risk
  • New York and Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center Fined 4.8 Million dollars *Noted the absence of training the staff was one of the reasons for this fine*
  • Many Training modules exist today in many forms but most do not….
  • Focusing on the employee, keeping them interactively engaged, making it clear and direct to make it understandable for the employee so they will only have to go through the course once covering all aspects for certification
  • Multiple Modules covering all elements of HIPAA laws.


Who Gets Trained?

Doctor 1


  • Staff – Front desk employees 5 training sections with quizzes and certification
  • Professional – Managerial positions, Doctor 11 training sections with quizzes and certification
  • Compliance officer – in charge of compliance mandated every office must have at least one compliance officer  * 14 training sections with quizzes and certification

How We Do It



  • The BCI Solution
  • BCI has developed a all encompassing interactive HIPAA training module
  • Over 4000 hours of research Focus Groups, and intercepts with Lawyers, Healthcare practices, private practices and doctors

Key takeaways from the research …

  • Condense the testing material
  • Less “Wordy” and more visual
  • Make it more interactive and engaging for the trainee
  • Ensure training covers all elements of law
  • Total compliance solution for certification
  • What is HIPAA?
  • Who is affected and needs certification?
  • Privacy Rules, Security Rules, HITECH ACT, Omnibus Law, Business Associates , Covered Entities
  • Examples of Breaches, Fines & Penalties, Policies and procedures, Disaster recovery, COMPLIANCE OFFICER & Responsible parties
  • Documentation of continuing education
  • Testing and Certification at the end of each applicable training module