HIPAA Compliance Program


A culmination of all our products and services…

The BCI HIPAA Compliance Program is a one-stop solution to HIPAA Compliance. It has been designed by our expert staff to best suit any businesses compliance needs. For a small subscription, BCI will monitor your network and systems 24/7/365 and ensure absolute compliance. The moment this compliance is breached, notifications are immediately sent out and the problem is analyzed, documented and rectified. In addition to the BCI Support Team, network monitoring is done by over 600 employees located at our Network Operations Center. Their goal as well as ours is to stop a breach before it happens; we accomplish this dynamically with both training and compliant products Dollar for dollar, there is no better solution to your HIPAA compliance needs.


When you work with BCI for your monitoring solution, we’ll give you our vigilance and experience so you can have greater efficiency and escape the time-consuming daily maintenance. No more setting individual thresholds, updating alerts or time-consuming daily maintenance. We set up rules based on years of handling more than one hundred thousand alerts a year to resolve your issues faster and improve your operational efficiency.

We monitor:

  • Windows
  • Linux servers
  • Mac desktops
  • SNMP & ICMP devices like printers and firewalls
  • Mobile devices including Android & iOS
  • VMware hosts
  • Hyper-V servers

All of these monitored products are monitored for HIPAA compliance in addition to standard performance and health monitoring.

By law, any person/business that is to be compliant with HIPAA must complete comprehensive of the staff on a regular basis. As a Compliance Program subscriber, you have access to this training system at no cost*. These training sessions are approx. 3-4 hours and cover all aspects of HIPAA; policies, practices, physical and technical security applications, verbal communication, disaster recovery and more. This process usually takes an extraordinarily long time and puts a significant amount of work on your staff and your privacy officers. Our training programs are available both live and on demand to allow for the most convenient training process. The courses are separated into varying levels based on the persons taking the course and are given alongside quizzes for each section. At completion, certificates are available showing your completion of the training course for the year. The current training courses for HIPAA are:

  • HIPAA Training for Staff
  • HIPAA Training for Professionals
  • HIPAA Training for Compliance Officers

With the needs for data security and encryption at an all-time high, BCI Computers’ new line of HIPAA HITECH compliant machine are the perfect solution for any office.. Each workstation/server is hand built at the US-based BCI headquarters and setup to be compliant with current HIPAA HITECH regulations. Included features and enforcement tools include but are not limited to: 256-bit Total Drive Encryption, Asset Tags, Security Locks, HIPAA HITECH Compliant Operating Systems and Software, and more. Each workstation comes with a BCI Compliance Certificate; ensuring that the machine as-received is compliant with HIPAA HITECH regulations pertaining to hardware and software. For example, our ARC generation computers are built with the end-user’s experience in mind. As such, each machine is loaded with high quality DDR3 1600 MHz RAM, SATA 6.0 7200RPM Hard Drives, high-end Intel Processors, premium quality fans, motherboards and chassis. All systems and hardware on the machine are tested before being packaged and shipped. And, as always, the workstations are compliant with current HIPAA HITECH regulations. By manufacturing compliant machines, we at BCI hope to reduce the stress and fear of HIPAA HITECH regulations and their appropriate fines associated.

 And More

HIPAA Audits:

Included with the HIPAA Compliance Service is access to free no-risk “soft” audits of your practice whenever you wish*. These audits are virtually identical to those being completed by the Department of Health and Human Services and cover all physical and technological aspects of your company. Normally taking between 1-2 hours for completion, the audits are then proceeded by a meeting with your compliance officer and practice owners where strategies and best practice are reviewed.