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10 HIPAA & EMR “Danger Areas” for spine surgeons to know

HIPAA violations can be disasterous for physician-owned spine practices, and the risks are high. HIPAA violations can be as simple as a shared password or absent-mindedly entering the wrong patient information. Here are 10 danger areas for SPINE SURGEON business owners in TECHNOLOGY and HIPAA violations.   1. Copy and pasting information. Physicians are looking to work efficiently, but copying […]

Recent HIPAA Breaches Highlight Need for Providers to Remain Vigilant

A recent disclosure by Community Health Systems, Inc. (CHS) of a data breach compromising information pertaining to 4.5 million of its patients highlights the need for providers to remain vigilant in securing patient information. The breach at CHS is just one example among others that have occurred recently involving many individuals. Health care providers may […]

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